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The Borough of Metuchen is excited to present cherished events such as the Daddy Daughter Dance and Mother Son Bowling with new names, which better represent the town’s commitment to inclusivity. Over 30 years ago, the borough established mother/son and father/daughter events to allow for one-on-one time with parents and their children.  At their core, the events were all created to bring enjoyment to the children of our town and create personalized time with a parent when sports, activity, and work schedules may not have always made that possible. These events have also allowed the children of our town to enjoy time with their friends free from self-doubt, body and image worries, and social awkwardness. While this core intent still exists, we understand that not all family structures are the same, and we are proud of the family diversity that exists in the borough. The primary audience for this event remains dads and their daughters, however, to emphasize sensitivity and inclusivity for this event, particularly for those who may not have a father or father figure in their homes, and/or who may not be identifying with particular genders, the Daddy Daughter Dance has been renamed as the Sweetheart Dance. This is the same event that it always has been-and we hope that the new name helps make those children who may have felt unwelcome or uncomfortable in the past truly feel like they belong.

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